6 Things You Should Know

November 11, 2013

I was tagged by Cassie @ A Southern Pair :)

1. What is your favorite things to cook and/or bake? Cookies are definitely one my favorite things to bake. They take a few trips to the oven, but they're made with lots of love and I love seeing people's face light up, especially when I make s'more cookies. As for cooking, I love my pasta, but my favorite thing to cook? Roasted broccoli/brussels sprouts, one pot meals, casseroles. I like simple no fuss recipes and with my husband home, I like making his favorite pork adobo, but with chicken instead.

2. What's your favorite go-to outfit? My go to outfit is always a plain solid t-shirt, a cardigan, jeans and flip flops. I'm simple :)

3. What's your favorite part about marriage/being in a relationship? To know that I can share my life with someone like Nate. It's been quite a journey I would say. In the last (almost) 10 years, I never imagined I would live in 9 different locations... 3 being my parent's home. I never imagined sometimes being in a part-time marriage with the Army. There has been lots of ups and downs and we always pull through. My favorite part about my marriage is Nate.

4. What blogs do you like to stalk? I stalk a lot of blogs :) Oh Joys, Pinch of Yum... There's many more, but I'm too lazy to list.

5. What is your favorite treat? Sweet treat? I am a sucker for sweets and every kind is my favorite kind.

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