Sunday Round Up

September 10, 2012

September thus far has been very kind to me. Except missing my husband like crazy, because that part is lonely. Oh so lonely. To start off the month, I purchased my first ad space at Jellibean Journals. Then it was my birthday on the 2nd. Though it was a very quiet one, I still had a good one and feel incredibly blessed and loved by my family and friends. I received some things I ordered online from Zoya, Macy's and Erin Condren. You know what's really funny? All 3 orders there was something either broken, missing or wrong color, BUT I have received AMAZIIIING customer service from Zoya and Erin Condren, so it makes up for it :)

Then, on Sunday evening I received not only a tweet, but an email saying Oh My Tookies purchased a sponsor ad from ME! ME. Little ole' me! I literally screamed, started getting a little shakey and was so overwhelmed with excitement. Who is Oh My Tookies? They make homemade jar cakes, cookiewiches and their famous gourmet marshamllows. I do not recommend looking at their Etsy shop on an empty stomach! So, if you have no clue who they are or curious, check out there blog and their shop!

I've also been keeping a gratitude journal on my phone and have posted each day on Instagram except today. I plan to keep up with it for a year while hubby is deployed. It'll be interesting to see what I was grateful each day he's gone. Alright friends, I'm watching Breaking Amish right now and getting completely sidetracked! Hope you guys had a great weekend!!


  1. What a great weekend! I am so happy about your sponsor. Yippee. I'm pretty sure I remind my husband multiple times per day when someone new asks to sponsor me. It's always nice. Love the new sidebar description, but where oh where is your pretty mug? Are you going to put up a new profile picture?

    1. It's super exciting and everything is so new to me and I'm still learning. Sometimes Twitter confuses me too haha I'll eventually put up a picture though :)

  2. Hey Yen, is your gratitude journal an app? Love the new layout. :)

    1. Hey Jenny! Yes, gratitude journal is an app. I saw someone else do it on their Instagram so I followed and figured it'd be a good idea to write in it every day for a year.


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