Let's Get Physical For March!

March 6, 2013

Back for March to link up with Evani in Let's Get Physical! What is it? It's motivation. How many times have we made mental notes to ourselves that we need to eat healthier, drink more water? Did you actually accomplish what you wanted to do? More than likely, you didn't and neither did I. This isn't just a regular link up party where you answer a bunch of questions to get a gazillion viewers to your blog. It's intended to get down to the nitty gritty and face your mental health notes and take charge with it. Okay, here we go...

Not toooooo bad right? Ok ok, so February was more like my party month. With R&R, our anniversary and everything up til he left, we just had fun and ate whatever we wanted. February was AWESOME. Now it's March and truthfully, I struggle all the time with the whole work out bit. Eating healthy and all that is easy peasy... it's the fact of getting off my fat a** and going on the treadmill. I really need to tape up some motivation words to keep me going. Like, we need to forreal forreal be serious about trying to conceive our first miracle baby.

SO YEA... Come link up with Evani and get motivated with the other girls!

Simply Evani


  1. let's do this girlllll...

    Let's HYDRATE our asses! hahaha

  2. DO IT! We're all hear with you and all in the same boat. I wish we could all work out together. Like a conference call or something.

    1. That's actually kind of a good idea! We'll probably be chatting up a storm and forget we're actually working out.

  3. Yeaaaa, I love your spirit Yen!! :) I love the idea of taping motivational words to the treadmill, I think that's a great idea. And keep eating healthy!!! :) Cheering you on!

    1. I thought about taping bad stuff but I might end up getting mad, sad, cry about it, so motivation words it is. I actually like Melissa's idea ^^ A conference call. Seriously, it would probably make working out 100 times more fun haha

  4. Yen,

    Sounds like you have some nice goals set for March... how are they going?

    I have a question for you- your recipe photos are very vivid and lovely, what kind of camera/equipment do you use?


    1. Hi Amber! Thanks so much for stopping by :) March... was a fail. I ate a cinnamon bun before I replied, so yea.

      Thank you so much for the comment on my photos! I did recently make a post about it here: http://bit.ly/WVdLPV
      I use (when I'm not lazy) a Nikon P90 which is pretty much a huge point and shoot. There's no fancy lens or anything. I think it's just practice, trail and error over the years. Plus, photoshop helps :)


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