Let's Get Physical for November

November 8, 2012

Simply Evani

October came and went and it was kind of a blur really. Can you believe it's already November?! I did really good in eating my fruits... apple or orange a day or even twice a day, I didn't eat as much veggies as I usually do though. October was a fail in my book. November so far hasn't been TOO BAD! Still constantly snacking and eating ramen. I'm not too worried for the upcoming holidays though. My mom is coming in a couple weeks... she's a vegetarian and eats incredibly healthy, so I have no chance of sleeping in, no bad snacking (unless I stash some upstairs in my room), no chance to be lazy either. It'll be a good detox! If you're interested in linking up come link up with Evani!

1. I ONLY worked out twice this month!
2. I had the munchies! A lot. Mostly for chips.
3. Been drinking too much juice. Even if I water them down.
4. Eating too much high sodium foods.
5. Been going to bed super late because I'm too busy watching Korean variety shows.

1. I honestly have no clue what happened in October, but I have been having the munchies lately. I don't eat chips all day every day, but I'm constantly snacking! Didn't help that I had my monthly friend visit either.
2. I got lazy and just didn't care. I even slacked off on cleaning my house for awhile there.

1. Stop being so darn lazy and work out more!
2. Need to lay off the juice and chips. As well as high sodium foods like ramen, or don't put in all of the powder packets!
3. Try to to bed earlier! At least by midnight so I can wake up earlier.


  1. I like to mix my juice with carbonated water. Less calories and it seems like it's more filling. And I don't feel bad about having so much juice.

    I'm also trying to go to bed earlier. I hope the time change will help. I'd tweet you and tell you to go to sleep, but I'm probably asleep by then. lol

  2. I need to work out more too. I think I need to prioritize my health over blogging, I definitely dedicated HOURS a week to blogging and none to a quick workout! I'm also a serial high-sodium food eater, we should pin recipes of our favorite high sodium foods that we can home-make with less sodium! And girl I'm with you on the sleeping earlier thang. Thanks for linking up :) you're on the blog today ;)


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