Umami Burger

July 19, 2012

We're home from block leave! We spent almost 2 weeks in Cali and it was an absolutely delicious trip. I have a lot of photos to upload via my iPhone, but today I have a review for the popular Umami Burger in Costa Mesa.

The Umami Burger in Costa Mesa in located in The Camp, replacing where Valhalla Table use to be. Our server was really nice and since it was our first time, he kinda explained to us what Umami is about and his favorites. I had their Umami burger (at $10) cooked medium well and it was a little disappointing. My husband had their Manly burger (at $12) cooked medium rare and he really enjoyed his. My friend order the Truffle burger and at the end of lunch, everyone boasted about their burgers. My husband said he can eat at Umami Burger every day! Although I wasn't too excited for my burger, their sweet potato fries and dips (my fave garlic aioli) were delicious!!

I feel like I must of missed something because I didn't feel like it was all that amazing! If you're in Costa Mesa or even LA, definitely still give it a chance. Maybe you'll have better luck than me.

Umami Burger
2981 Bristol St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626 | 714.957.8626


  1. Really!? Because it looks amazing!! This is going to sound weird, but their mustard (it's mustard, right?) looks good, haha!

    1. This reply is only weeks late, but the mustard is actually garlic aioli and it was delicious! The burger itself wasn't as tasty as I hoped though.


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