June Bark Box

June 27, 2013

While I was away on my "vacation", I received my first Bark Box! It's just like every other subscription service out there except targeted towards your beloved pet. If you're interested in signing up to try it out for your pet, use my invite here and you can save $5 off your first box!

Frankie wasn't too excited about Maggie sniffing around what he thinks is his box. Must be a first born child thing. Usually, he's really great at sharing, but I bet he was just calling dibs on the huge bone. Personally, I think I was more excited about the box and already thinking of different ways to use Bowser Beer in some tasty treats.

Surprisingly, Frankie did not like these sweet potato chips! At all. He loooooves his sweet potato in everything else though. I have to say, I'm really the one reaping in the benefits for him to dislike this product. Lets just say, Frankie + sweet potatoes = one stinky, STINKY house. I'm already excited for July's box. Have you guys signed up your pet for any subscription services?


  1. So it's $30 a month? I want to subscribe for the pugs once money isn't so tight. They'd probably lobe it haha!

    1. $30 a month. I'm going to see how well July is and see if I want to keep going or try a different box.


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