Planning A Day Trip to Portland

January 5, 2013

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R&R is right around the corner and I'm trying to plan out things to see, eat, do. We can't lie in bed for weeks just snuggling. We live about 2 hours away from Portland and would love to just have a day trip out of it, so I'm asking my amazing blogging friends for suggestions. Yes, I know I can Google and Yelp places, but I want to hear it from YOU! The only thing I have planned is to go check out Pretty & Cute which sells most Korean and Japanese beauty products.

We're suckers for food trucks. We don't drink wine, affordable food is awesome, museums are great :) I seriously hate planning, but secretly love it at the same time. Hubby is absolutely no help whatsoever and it's not like he doesn't have time. He does. He just chooses to play video games over chatting with me hmmph.

Any and all time is great, friends! Thank youuuu <3

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  1. How fun!! Go to Voodoo donuts for me! hahah I'd love to go to a Food truck festival but they dont have them here.


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