A Week In Review

October 28, 2012

It has been quite a long week hasn't it? Or at least for me it felt like it. My husband was away and not being able to speak to him makes the days drag and the nights even longer. So, to keep me sane I have been addicted to watching Korean variety shows on Youtube and turning my house into Club Kpop haha Anyways, I'm not even sure what I did this week... it has been nothing but cold, rainy and gloomy here. Typical Washington weather. Not too sure what to write... I usually link up for the Sunday Social, but it's all about Halloween, so I skipped it for the week.

Earlier this week, I went to go get food and came back to these two who got in a whole lotta trouble. They were suspicious the moment I walked through the door and I found out someone POOPED in the living room!! *sigh* They're potty-trained and Frankie has not had an accident in the last 3 years! Maggie is still a "puppy" (she'll be 2 in January) but she hasn't had an accident since she was a baby. I didn't spank them or anything, just yelled at them. Then I found out they pooped in my office too! *sigh* Please do not leave comments on how I should reprimand my dog or they need lessons or whatever. It was probably my fault for feeding them before I left anyways.

I also want to Thank everyone who commented on my post awhile ago and thanks for the advice/suggestions. I usually don't post a lot of photos of myself.. I like being the one behind the scenes more than the highlight. But I thought this was a sweet photo of Maggie and I.

So, everybody is out and about celebrating Halloween festivities and I've enjoyed seeing everyone's costumes and fun everywhere. So glad that Halloween is almost here and soon it'll be Thanksgiving which I'm pretty excited for because my mommy is coming to visit for a week! A week is a very very long time. My mom is a handful of crazy. Alright friends, I am starving right now.

Have a safe Halloween/weekend!


  1. what are they doing in the top pictures? they look sneaky hahaha...

    1. a french fry slid under and they were trying to get it. Took them quite awhile and they were pretty determined!

  2. Lol I know obviously dogs can't help it but poop duty in the house is the WORST. And you've got big dogs too, I can only imagine how big their poops can be. Good luck with your mom :)

  3. Loved your description of your mom. I'd say mine's pretty much the same way. Have a great (clean-floors) week, Yen.


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