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September 16, 2012

Raise your hand as the sky if you know who Tookies is! If you don't, now you do because she makes these delicious jar cakes, cookiewiches and those ever so delectable gourmet marshmallows. Her homemade treats have been buzzing from one blog to the next and honestly, you don't want to miss out! Who is Tookies? This was taken from her Etsy shop:

We are the creators of delectable cookie-wiches, jar cakes & gourmet marshmallows-- Handmade. In America. Gourmet Delectables. We love, love, LOVE to bake & create! It is our passion! It is our hearts desire, to watch others consume and enjoy!

We are a small family run business in the South.

We have created the very best jar cakes, cookie-wiches and gourmet marshmallows in America and desire to share them with you.

Everything from the wraps we use to wrap our divine delectables, to our uniquely flavored gourmet marshmallows, to our moist family cake/cookie recipes is handmade in very small batches. Due to high demand, these batches take a lot of time to complete which is why we have a pretty long turnaround time. We know that once your package arrives though, you will be so filled with joy and you'll know we were worth the wait.

I haven't had the chance to make a purchase, but I'm definitely looking into sending some to one of my besties for her birthday since her husband's recent death in May. RIP SSG Nuanes ♥ Another thing that I love is that not only is she a fellow military wife, but she also has some military themed treats like these camo cookiwiches which are so cute!

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