Sunday Round Up + Sponors

August 26, 2012

I've been looking into purchasing sponsor ad space for quite awhile now, but I didn't want to commit into spending money and then not blogging. I apparently have a habit of sort of falling off the face of the blog world mainly due to laziness. But, recently, I have decided that I want to be more productive and more open on this blog about myself and my life ramblings. And of course meet amazing friends! Due to Instagram alone, I have met quite a few pretty effin' awesome ladies, which through blogging I hope to get to know more about you girls ♥ Since I think maybe yesterday or Friday, my blog stats have slightly gone up which makes me incredibly giddy and I want to personally thank Jelli at Jelli Bean Journals for the shout out on Twitter. Thank you thank you thank you!! That's a hint for YOU to go visit her blog and follow :)

So, this is our last weekend before hubby deploys and we're just hanging out at home. I got him addicted to Chef Ville on Facebook and he literally spent all day Saturday playing. He's packing up the rest of his things today. It's all a very bittersweet weekend leading up to the day he leaves. I think I'm some what prepared, but I'm pretty sure it won't fully kick in until one night when I lay down to bed and feel the loneliness next to me, though I do have 2 dogs to keep me company. Just thinking about it makes me feel a bit ill now. This will be our second deployment (not including him being stationed there before) and it will be my first one doing it all by myself. Back in the day, I lived at home and I had a good support system, but out here... not so much. Hopefully I get a job soon and that will keep me busy!

To recap my weekend, on Friday, I went ahead and transferred my license to WA since it expires on my birthday this year (Sept 2!). Which, yes, I know I can keep my CA license blahblahblah. Ended up running a few errands, painted my nails which sadly chipped the next day and I ended up removing it. We also made our last Drive Thru Boba run together. I also went to Uwajimaya since they close at 10PM and I finally found Matcha KitKat!! I have been looking for these for a really long time now and when we were on leave in Cali, Mitsuwa didn't have any :(

Saturday, we just hung out, watched movies, listened to K-Pop while I secretly fan girl over Big Bang), played Chef Ville. All very chill. It's about 2:16AM Sunday as I type this, so I need to head up to bed. Sunday will probably be spent helping him pack and get ready for the start of the week.

What did you do this weekend??

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  1. If that top right photo is your mani from this week, then lady, we have a lot in common! Mine are Essie Ballet Slippers pink with glitter tips on two fingers w/ two solid glittered and the rest pretty plain and pink. Hope your birthday is fab and thanks for the kind words!

    1. Hey Jelli! Actually, that mani only lasted one day, maybe less than a day :(


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