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May 3, 2012

I'm a Southern California native and when I read on Yelp that this burger joint tastes like In & Out, there was no doubt in my mind that I needed to try it. It's not a restaurant or a food truck, it's actually a trailer in front of a U-Haul storage facility, but don't let it fool you, it's definitely worth a try. I had their cheeseburger (topped with lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, pickles and their special sauce) and a order of sweet potato fries. The burger was pretty good, patty was a little thin which I didn't mind much. The sweet potato fries were delicious, but a little more burnt-like than I wanted. The fries also came with a side of they fry dip which was good, but I like In & Out's sauce much better. I read their milkshakes are pretty good, but I didn't try it since eating the burger and fries alone wasn't helping my high blood pressure. Also, I don't think they have a soda fountain... someone on Yelp actually commented saying the coke was good. The guy just popped open a can... I heard him pop open a can, so coke was whatever. Cups are a little flimsy.
Overall, if you're in the Tacoma/Spanaway/Puyallup area and instead of heading to McD's or other fast food chain, come check out Out & About! Note: It's a tad pricey for a small burger joint. They do not do combos either.

Out & About Burger
14214 Meridian Ave E
Puyallup, WA 98373 | 253.677.1974

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