A New Year

April 30, 2012


A complete belated post, but <b>we're homeowner's!!</b> After a long 3 weeks or so, our house finally closed on December 28, 2011. We just got our goods a week ago and I have been trying to unpack as much and as fast as possible. Just today, I finished unpacking our kitchen, though the kitchen is still a mess. Who knew we had so much stuff! So much stuff <i>after</i> donating/throwing away things.

Just the other day, I have decided to change what I thought was going to be a food blog into an everything blog. I haven't really cooked a real meal in months, let alone bake. Basically I'm just going to post whatever I want!

Alright, back to unpacking and maybe go check out this cupcake shop near my house. Hopefully a food post soon.

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