House Update

April 30, 2012


Sometimes it still feels like a dream... I can't believe we're homeowners! Who knew buying a house consisted of buying lots of house stuff. We always imagined ourselves painting the rooms, but we've only painted ONE room and that alone was exhausting. Let me tell you... it was a small room. A very small room. My friend Jodee has been renovating her house and I honestly don't know how she does it! I'm weak.

So, the picture above is taken from the entry way. We kept it simple so far and there's Frankie and Maggie's butt wondering what I'm doing. Frankie absolutely HATES it when I whip out my camera or point my iphone4s at him... he just knows. Then there is Maggie who loves the attention, but never sits or stays long enough to care that her momma just want some photos.


LOVE those prints I found at Ikea last weekend. Our living room area is all dark brown/black with orange, yellows and reds and these prints just fit amazingly.


Here's the living room area taken from the dining area. The one thing about all this furniture (ie: entertainment stand, table to the left and hallway table) is all the holes that needs to be filled! So far so good. I would love to fill in the holes, but with what?! What do you guys do?? I would also love to fill up more photos and things on that wall and try to add some greenery.


Don't mind the clutter and the huge dent in that seat when my butt was planted. Our coffee are just cheap ottomans we purchased at Wal-Mart back when we were living in Drum. The original Ikea coffee table we had was huge, but the bottom base board broke and when we got Maggie, her and her puppy teeth chewed up one of the legs. See that lamp in the back? LOVE IT! Recent purchase from Marshall's for about $35. Deep down, I'm cheap and prefer not to purchase super expensive things especially when sometimes these dogs destroy things and when we move (that's the Army for ya!), sometimes they mess up our goods.

Upstairs is still a mess. We did recently buy a bed frame, but we've been concentrating so much on the first floor we've pretty much neglected upstairs. Except DH's man cave.

That's all I got to show you for now. Again, sorry for dark photos. I used my iphone4s and then used a photo editing app.

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