Biscoff Crunch

April 30, 2012


Just like Pinterest, Biscoff cookies are all the rage at the moment. When Biscoff first started popping up all over the food blogs, I was in the middle of packing and moving cross country, but I was lucky to find a jar at Hannaford's in Watertown. It was definitely love at first taste. After moving here and while shopping at the commissary the other day, I saw packages of Biscoff cookies and I was over the moon since I've been dying to make Picky-Palate's Biscoff cookies.

The original recipe called for 20 cookies finely crushed and 20 more for the extra crunch. I only bought one package of cookies, but the crunch is still very much there. DH even commented saying they're better then Girl Scout Cookies! That's saying a lot, especially coming from him. I won't be posting the recipe here, but definitely check out Jenny's amazing blog Picky-Palate.
Biscoff Crunch

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