Sunday Social: Summer

May 26, 2013

Sunday Social

image from tripdeal

Best Summer memory as a kid? One of my memories is parasailing in Thailand. As young as I can remember, my Dad has always worked overseas. I don't mean making business trips... he sacrificed family life to work and live overseas so the only time we ever got to see him was during summer vacations. One year, my Dad took us to Thailand. I forgot where we went, but he took us parasailing. The daredevil in my brother thought it was exhilarating, while my Mom and I watched in horror. Seriously... we were bawling in fear. My Dad was so pissed because he's all about trying things at least once in life. Since I was older, I had to go by myself and it was sooooo terrifying, but in the end, I'm really glad I did it! It was definitely a very memorable event in my life.

image via tripadvisor

Favorite summer drink? Since I'm one of those weirdos who don't drink alcohol of any type, my favorite summer drink is anything slushy. Even though they are packed to the max and more with sugar. I actually don't drink them, but once in a blue moon, I would go get a Cream Slush from Sonics. Preferrably with their non-melting "whip cream".

Favorite Summer TV show? I don't even know what shows come out during Summer time!

Best outdoor summer activity? I personally do not like summer. I do not like to burn to death or sweat profusely, but I do like just grilling, being out and about and getting a tan.

Summer vacation essentials? Bug spray!! And of course sun screen.

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  1. PARASAILING IS THE ISH! I did it when I was on a cruise... drunk of course. Hahahahah... It was fun. I did it in Puerto Vallarta I think... or Mazatlan... I can't remember. My father & bro did it in Cabo. I wish I did it in Cabo. ahhaha...

    1. I don't think I can do it again though haha

  2. Wow Parasailing in Thailand?!? I did it in Hawaii but it sounds so much more exotic in Thailand!


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