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May 19, 2012

I must say, it has been quite a week. My emotions have been like a roller coaster and I am still deeply saddened by the lost of a close friend. Actually, today marks one week since his death occurred and I have contacted his wife every day just to tell her I love her. She has been an important part of my life for a few years now and I can't imagine the pain she's going through. I am definitely proud for our husbands to go through EOD school at the same time and being stationed at Drum together. I honestly cannot imagine my life without her. She was a great rock when our men deployed and great company when either one or both husbands were away. I know deep in her heart she knows I love her and I'll always be here. Services and things will be held soon and due to financial reasons and N's schedule, we will not be able to attend, but one day we will go to La Cruces and see you Iz.

Aside from lots of over thinking and lots of crying... N left on Wednesday to go on a VIP (mind you he just got home Friday afternoon from being away for 2 weeks) and he won't be back til next week. I miss him so much every day! The one advice that I can give to brand new and future EOD wives, is that it can get really really lonely sometimes. Depending what battalion you go to, sometimes you go on a lot more VIPS and Incidents and just be prepared for extremely short notices. I'm not saying other MOS' (jobs) aren't like this, but when we were a Chem family, there wasn't any VIPS or Incidents. This is just my personal opinion. Come to think of it, when N first decided to join EOD, someone else actually advised me to be strong because he will be gone a lot. As long as you have a great support system, you'll be alright. Sadly, I do not have that here, but I am ever so grateful for my friend Jenny who has kept me sane these last few days.

This week I picked up some pretty awesome things. I am so excited for my ring haul I got from Target (top right pic)!! Anything chevron is very in right now and Asos had very similar rings on their site and I was so glad to have found them at Target instead. The other 2 stackable rings are just so dainty and cute. They were all $7.99 too. I also picked up a couple China Glaze nail polishes at Sally's Beauty Supply store. The blue is called Sexy in the City and it is absolutely gorgeous! I'm more of a pink/neutral girl, but I went out of my comfort zone and purchased this blue and also a neon yellow. YES, a neon yellow. Which neon is also very in right now.

Alright my lovelies, time to end this post and I hope you guys have had an amazing weekend! I am just praying for the weekend to be over and move onto Tuesday :)

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